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Bad syncing problems that restores old passwords over newer passwords across multiple platforms


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Recently I've been having a very bad problem where passwords that I have changed recently for some sites eventually get overwritten by older passwords. It seems like when some devices go to sync, they think the older password is newer and they end up overwriting the newer password. I have been able to go back into backups and retrieve the good newer password. So far, I have identified 5 accounts where this is occurring. All were passwords that I changed within the last 3 months. The really strange part here is that it took me going back as much as a month back to be able to retrieve the good passwords. Not all of the good passwords were part of one backup. I had to look at multiple backups to recover the passwords.

As part of troubleshooting, I noticed that on one device that even though I had updated the password on another device, it was not syncing on that one device and was keeping the old password, even though it said it synced fine. I use a mixture of devices - several Windows PCs using Windows store app, 3 iPads, 1 iPhone, 1 Android phone, and 1 Android tablet.

To try and fix the issue I am going to remove the app from all devices, rename the EnPass folder from my cloud provider, restore from the latest backup that I made after correcting the passwords, and then let it resync back to my cloud provider.

This appears to be a pretty bad syncing bug and makes me lose complete confidence with EnPass being able to accurately maintain passwords throughout all of my devices. I have been an EnPass user for users, having initially bought the app across different platforms and again recently bought the one-time plan to get the auditing features. I have also been a big advocate of EnPass to friends and family. However, if EnPass can no longer do part of its basic functionality such as syncing passwords, then the app becomes completely worthless to me.

This issue really needs to be investigated. My big ask right now is is there a way to see what passwords I have changed or added in the last few months. This would be critical for me right now to try and identify other accounts that may have possible ran into the same issue and which I have to retrieve the proper password from a backup.

BTW I just learned about the password history feature so I may also be using that feature to try and resolve the problem with any additional accounts that I run into the problem with.

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FYI, on the Windows PC where I am troubleshooting, the version was 6.8.3 (1152). My various Windows PCs all run the Windows store version so assuming the Windows store auto update was working fine on them, they all should have also been running that version. I use a mixture of Windows 10 (21H2) and Windows 11 (21H2 & 22H2) all with automatic updates enabled. iOS devices were up to date with iOS 15.7 or iOS 16. I can't say what version of the app they were on because I already uninstalled the app on them, but again assuming the auto update of apps was working, they should have been on the latest version. The Android phone is on the latest Samsung version of Android OS and also has auto update turned on, both on OS and apps, so I assume they were on the latest version. Android tablet has not been turned on in months and battery was completely drained so that should not come into play. Despite that, I charged it up and removed the EnPass app on it as part of troubleshooting.

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Thank you @Gulshan Dogra. Can you comment if EnPass has any feature that lets me identify which passwords have been changed during a certain period of time, say in the last month, in the last two months, in the last three months, etc., or in a certain time frame, say all passwords changed from 01/01/2022 - 07/01/2022? If not, please let me know and I will post to request this feature over in the Feature Request thread.

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