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Define password rules in password generator that are specific for a site instead of universal


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Currently the password generator allows you to define password rules, but these rules are "universal". I would like to see an option where you can save the password rules so that they are specific to a site. The biggest example is the symbols allowed in a password for a specific site. The password generator should have an option that you check off to something of the effect of "Save these rules for this site" so that the next time I have to generate a password for that site, it will do so correctly.

There seems to already be some of this functionality in EnPass. I noticed when generating a password for a Microsoft site, there was a notice in the password generator that said "Generated using microsoft.com password requirement." This brings up the question as to what other sites have this feature, and where can we find the rules for those sites? Is there a way we can add additional sites to these rules?

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Hi @Rojma

With the recent Enpass update (ver 6.8.3), our built-in Password Generator now checks if a website has specific password requirements before generating password suggestions. This operation is performed automatically by our app, and according to the requirements of the webpage, the password is suggested to the user.

Moreover, you can also check if the generated password is as per the requirements of the webpage by -

  1. Selecting 'Controls' option when a password is generated.
  2. A message will inform the user that the generated password is according to the requirements of the webpage.
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Thanks for the reply @Abhishek Dewan. Good to know about this feature, although it seems a bit "hidden" where we can't see the rules or know which sites have these rules.

The bigger ask here though is for us to be able to define these rules on any site/account of our choosing and make the rules specific to an entry. Currently I capture these rules as a note in the entry, but obviously the password generator doesn't use this information. Instead, I have to manually change and/or set the rule in the password generator. This causes several problems:

1) The rule is now "universal" and will apply to any future entries that I either add or change, unless of course I change the rule again.

2) The changed universal rule may now not apply to any future new entries or future changes to existing entries as they may have different rules

3) If I ever have to go back to the original entry to update the password again, the "universal" rule will most likely have changed to accommodate any new entries or changes I have made since updating the original entry. This means that I will have to look up and reapply the rule for the original site.

I hope you will consider making this a feature in a future version where individual entries can have specific and unique password rules for use with the password generator.

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