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Merge different fields (Mapping)


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My mail provider (https://login.mailbox.org) handles password based logins the same way as two factor login.

The login page provides two fields:

  • login-username-input for the user name / email-address
  • login-password-input for static password or a combination of a PIN together with the totp credentials

Without two-factor you have to enter:

  • me@host.invalid
  • verysecretpassword

2-fa enabled, the login form requires:

  • me@host.invalid
  • LOVE123456

Where LOVE is a static pin you choose while setting up 2-fa and 123456 is the time based token.

Is it possible to add a more flexible way of mapping different enpass entries to html fields?

The actual mapping function allows a 1:1 mapping (e.g. paste information of the enpass entry for 'email' into 'username' of the html form). The additional function will look like: paste information of enpass entry for 'pin' + entry for 'totp' into html field 'password'.


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