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Autofill buggy on Nextcloud login page


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 i am running Nextcloud and Enpass autofills the credentials perfectly fine BUT when I click the login button I get an error saying “please enter the password”.

I found a workaround:
- let Enpass autofill the credentials
- and then while the cursor is still in the password field I enter any character on the keyboard (just to “touch” the input field) and delete it again right away.
- hit the login button and it works fine

Is this an issue with how Nextcloud checks for the input? Or is it a problem with how Enpass fills in the credentials?

Funny enough it worked with ownCloud before and the two are not that different (at least in core features like the login). But probably they are.

Also it works in latest safari mobile on the same device! So maybe down to an issue with Enpass and Firefox integration?

another thing I realized is that when I click in the password field instead of the username field and let Enpass autofill the credentials, it only fills in the password but not the username. Weird behavior. Probably another bug to report but I thought I mention it for completeness.

i can dm you a dummy account if you want to look into it.

iOS 16.2
enpass 6.8.6
Firefox 108.1
nextcloud: 20.5.2

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Hi @tschoepler

Our dedicated team is looking into the reported concern but require some additional details. Could you please create a Demo account and DM me its username, password and URL? That will help us in getting to the root of this issue. Also, kindly share the name of the device which you are using.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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1 hour ago, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @tschoepler


Thank you for sharing the device details.


It seems that I have not received the credentials (URL, Username and password). Could you please DM me again or send the details to support@enpass.io? (Please mention this Forum as well in the comments).

Did you get it now? I got a success toast „message sent“.

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1 hour ago, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @tschoepler

Keyboards quick password Suggestion Autofill item was not filled on tap. I would recommend contacting Nextcloud, as they would be able to get this further  investigated for you.

Sorry I don’t get that. Can you explain step by step how to reproduce your test? It seems to be different from mine. Because in my case it does fill out the password :/

Also do you have Developer guidelines that i can link to in order to help the Nextcloud Team to make their form compatible? 

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