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New Vault duplicates everything, including changes


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Longtime user of Enpass for Windows and Android. I decided to create a new vault for Business accounts and keep the original vault for Personal. Both are saved to OneDrive.

Business vault created normally and it duplicated all password accounts from the Personal vault. Not a big deal... I can delete Personal accounts from Business and vice versa. It turns out, that doesn't work. If I delete an account from one vault, it automatically deletes the account from the other.  Restoring from Deleted, restores from both Vaults.

Strange behavior overall. I wouldn't expect a separate vault to mirror all changes.

Any advice to remedy? Do vaults have to reside in different clouds (OneDrive and gDrive)?


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Hi @KhakiMan

When using multiple vaults in Enpass, each vault must be connected to a separate cloud account for syncing. It is not possible to connect more than one vault with the same cloud account.

However, if you are using WebDAV/OwnCloud, sync with multiple vaults by defining separate paths/folders for each vault. To know about connecting your Vault with Webdav, please refer to this link.

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