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Empass eating masses of SSD storage


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I was wondering why my Mac's boot drive was shrinking and found 8GB of what I assume to be Enpass temporary files.

The files are located in User/<name>/Library/Containers/Enpass/Data/Library/Caches/CloudKit/<folder name>/Assets

Enpass is writing at least one 2MB file every 10 minutes. There were files in there going back to November of last year and, as I say, as of today, this totalled 8GB of data.

Surely this is unnecessary? Or if these files are necessary, then clearly housekeeping is not being done properly. 

Any thoughts?

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Hi @Rootbeer

The concern you reported has been addressed in our latest update. We kindly request you to update your Enpass app to the most recent version (6.9.0) and let us know about your experience with the fix. Your support and patience throughout the process have been genuinely appreciated as we worked diligently to release this patch.

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