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Enpass "Change Location" for Auto Backups Grayed Out


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I have Enpass (v6.8.5 - 1238 from Microsoft Store) setup on my system with 4 personal vaults, and 2 work/business vaults. On the Enpass Admin console, I have disabled users locally backing-up of business vaults as that's managed via Teams. However, it shouldn't be affecting their ability to choose where their personal vaults are stored.

In my case, for some reason, during initial setup months ago, the Enpass app decided to be keeping backups of my personal vaults in a duplicate backup directory on my Surface Pro as shown below. Before we began using Enpass for Business, fixing this was easy as changing the backup location. However, as can be seen below, the "Change Location" button is now grayed, giving me no choice to change the backup location for my Personal vaults. What's going on?


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