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Difference between pausing and stopping the Wifi server + offline retention after disconnect


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What is the difference between pausing it and stopping?

Will pausing it restart by itself?

Also, will pausing or stopping have any effect on the already synced password items? (Meaning if I stop server, will I still continue to have access to my items on mobile device (as long as I don't delete the app on the mobile device..)?


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Hi @itoldusoandso

Stopping the Wifi Sync server resets the connection settings on your local server, and you will need to set up Wifi sync again on all the devices. To avoid this, you can simply pause the Wifi sync server. Moreover, after pausing/stopping the Wifi sync server, you will still have access to your data on your device. However, any changes made on any of the connected devices will not synchronize among other devices until the Wifi sync server is started again.

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