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URL for favicon, not autofill

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Since Enpass 6, favicons are used based on the first URL-field in a item.

There are cases where you have an item containing a URL, say a Software License, where the URL is only used to get a suitable favico.

You have another item for the actual login, and the URL's lead to the same domain.

Currently, there's no way to prevent the license-item from showing up at the login-page (if you disable autofil in whole, the login-post won't show neither).

The fact that inline autofill and legacy autofill uses separate logic is a problem of its own.

Make it easier to use favicon without the item being suggested in login-pages. perhaps a checkbox in the post that disables autofill for both inline and legacy autofill.

Enpass 6.8.4, Linux.

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