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OTP enhancements

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If an OTP field is not marked as sensitive, such that the number code is visible without clicking the unhide button... could this number code be displayed next to the account name the same way the username is displayed under it?

Additionally, could a "2FA" icon be placed at the bottom of the iPhone/Android apps, to filter for only those accounts that do have OTP fields? I have probably 250-350 saved passwords and other items, but maybe only 7 or 8 accounts that use 2FA. It would be nice to be able to jump to those quickly.

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Hi @BrigoNortensson

Regarding viewing different subtitle field under Item title, Enpass creates different subtitles for different types for Items. Moreover, it also depends on which field is present on the top. For example -

  1. The subtitle for the login type Item would be first username, email, phone or URL.
  2. The subtitle for the credit card type Item would be card number. If it is empty, then first field will be shown as subtitle.
  3. The subtitle for the Identity type Item would be first name + last name.
  4. The subtitle for the Note type Item would be first 40 characters of note.
  5. The subtitle for all the other Items would be first non sensitive field.

Moreover, you can view all the Items for which you have enabled 2FA by going to Enpass mobile app -> Browse -> One-time codes.

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As another OTP request:
since entering the OTP digits is not implemented equally on pages, I need to open enpass details, open the entry, scroll to the OTP and copy/paste it. Would it be possible to add a shortcut icon to the callout menu? Like in the attached file?

Or to make these callout items customizable by the user?


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