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Session suddenly expired, no login possible

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I'm running the latest version of Enpass on Windows 11. Upon login (that still perfectly worked a couple of days ago) I get a message, that I need to login again with my registered mail address. Enpass somehow shows my address (I didn't need to type in anything and I can't change the input, either). It assumes I have a business login (I do not), so no login possible, anymore.

It still works perfectly fine on my iPhone.

The question is ... what can I do to use Enpass on Windows 11 again? I can't change the input in the pop-up, I can't change any settings - I'm locked out completely. 

Screenshot 2023-06-25 133133.png

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OMG...I using it on my Macbook, and Enpass version is 6.9.0. 

I have same issue...It's nightmare. I didn't sync all password to Cloud because security reason.

Please share how do i resotore/fix it.  If i lost all credential stored in Enpass...it will be really really bullshit...please save me....please

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Really sorry to hear that. I got a fix on windows a while ago, already. As for the cloud sync – it's encrypted as far as I know. If it's not too technical, Enpass supports Sync via WebDAV to a self hosted cloud as well. That may be a solution (but won't help you now, of course).

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On 9/12/2023 at 12:54 PM, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @Steven Min

From your comments, I understand that you are facing the Session Expired screen when you try to use the app? If that is correct, please share the version of the Enpass and OS you are using and I'll assist you further with the appropriate steps.


I am facing the same issue on ArchLinux with Enpass Desktop version

For now, I can continue using the browser extension, assistent, and mobile app, but opening the full app on desktop asks me to verify the session every other day.

I have a pro version both for mobile and desktop. Notably, I'm using folder sync, maybe that stirrs things up?



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