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macOS: Allow for TouchID all the times in Desktop App

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Hi @Prof. Dr. Martin Marsian

Enpass app downloaded from the Mac AppStore does allow you to use the touch ID at all times, even after restarting the device. Could you please confirm if you have downloaded the Enpass app from the Mac AppStore or from our official website as Only the Mac AppStore Enpass version supports full time unlock via Touch ID. Otherwise, please try the below troubleshooting steps and share your findings with me -

  1. Disable the Touch ID in your Enpass app. Then restart the app and re-enable the Touch ID again.
  2. Create a manual backup/ set up synchronization for your Enpass data and then reinstall the app.
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I says in settings that "Master password is required every time you restart Enpass". My wife does not use Enpass that often on her Macbook Air, but when she does it almost always asks her for the password which she does not remember. This makes her angry. Why can't the app exclusively use Touch ID and never require master password entry even if it has been restarted?

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Hi @krblaz

Similar to Mac, the Microsoft Store version of Enpass for Windows (v6.5.0 or later) supports Full-time unlocking with Windows Hello. To enable this feature:

  • The device must have a security processor, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0, and it should be enabled.

  • Enpass must have a Master Password set.

  • Then you can enable Windows Hello in Enpass by going to Settings > Security > Quick Unlock.

Please ensure that you are using the Microsoft store version of the Enpass app and not the website version.

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