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Ability to add categories and Sort by categories


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Apologies if my request is duplicated, but I haven't found anything suitable at the moment. I am using enpass v6.8.2 for macOS and I would like to manually arrange/move the categories in the sidebar. At the moment I can only select or deselect them.




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Hi Gulshan,

thank you for reply, I will stay tuned! With my iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) it is possible, but....

...if you do so on one device there's no sync to the other one, certainly not with the iMac. I have to rearrange it manually on every device.

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A. There must be an option to add more categories in the left-most tool bar A.

B. There must be an option to sort by categories in B. So if we chose ALL in the toll bar, we can sort thrn all by categries.


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