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Identities / Form Fill not working and so far am unable to find instructions on how to use them

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See questions below for you, dear reader. lol

I have been trying to get Identities and credit cards to work off and on for months now. Nothing works. By that I mean, nothing fills except for maybe one field, email address. I've tried submitting tickets but so far no luck, so came here to the community.

I have been through the user guide multiple times, and I have to ask: where in the user guide is this addressed in detail? Identities and credit cards and how you set them up and how they work? I just can't find it. Or is there another web page with the information? I'll take any resource there is regarding it. Or maybe it's super easy, barely an inconvenience but it just seems hard to me because it's not working. I just don't know. I switched to Enpass from LastPass, and while their security stinks they did do form fills quite nicely. I can't believe I would even think about going back to them but this is so incredibly frustrating. I test websites and so I fill forms all day. It was nice to have that automated and integrated with the password filling for my work accounts and personal browsing.

Save as Web Form: In a related matter, I'd also like to be able to save all values in a form, regardless of password field, but right now save as web form is limited only to pages with a password field.


Okay, so I'm here looking for any answers from the community, not just team members.

  1. Are identities and/or credit cards working for anyone out there?
  2. If so, how are you setting them up?
  3. If not, could you please post here so we know it's not working for you either?
  4. Or does no one else even try to use them?





For my part, here is my info again (already in the tickets):

The version of the Enpass app, browser and OS you are using:
Enpass 6.9.0
Chrome Version 116
Safari Version 16.5.1
macOS 13.4.1 (22F66)
iOS 16.6

The apps/webpages on which you are facing this concern
I'm facing this on any web-form I've tried to fill in yet, including credit cards. You can test and troubleshoot this by creating an identity and/or credit card and going to any web form. The URL of the form doesn't (shouldn't?) matter. If it somehow works for you then please provide instructions as that would mean that I am doing it wrong in some way. Which is a distinct possibility.


A screenshot of any error occurring or a short video showing the issue would be helpful.

There is no error it just doesn't fill in all the fields.


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After an initial flurry of activity, I haven't heard back any further on this topic and it has been quite a while. Thought perhaps by posting here there might be others who could help in this wider support community. The form fills are still not working. I worked with the Enpass Team for a while and it all seemed great, but then it just stopped. Seems they hit a wall. I tried a few more emails but with no response for months, so I find myself trying here again. Please help if you can. Thank you.

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