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I'm new to password managers so please forgive my ignorance. I have just downloaded Enpass and I'm setting things up. I like the idea of having the vault stored on my computer and not on some cloud. It seems to me that that might be more secure and simpler to access. I have a workstation Windows PC and several Windows laptops. I'm wondering if I can have the vault on the workstation and copy it to the laptops to use when I am away from workstation and WiFi? I have read some of the FAQ's and am still unsure of how to proceed. Any help or comments will be appreciated.

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When you setup local sync over WiFi the vault gets copied onto your other device. You don't need to manually copy those vault data, it could also cause some problems with keeping your items in sync.

So just activate Sync over WiFi, your workstation will act as "main server", distributing and combining all vaults together, as soon as it is online and the laptop aswell.

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  1. I have set up the primary vault on the workstation (Windows 10) and added a few passwords to it.
  2. I tried to activate Enpass on laptop 2 (Windows 10) but when I chose 'WiFi Sync' it just spins and says "looking up for servers". I tried the suggestions mentioned on the link above, which haven't helped. The workstation Enpass file locations are showing on the laptop 2 network locations.
  3. I activated Enpass on laptop 3 (Windows 11) which seemed to work fine, finding the workstation and the primary vault.

Any suggestions for solving the issues with laptop 2?

I'm also wondering if it is possible to sync a computer with the primary vault without viewing both screens but both being connected to the WiFi network?

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Hi @chucky888

The data between the devices is automatically synchronized via Wifi-Sync when the app is brought to the foreground. As for the Wifi-sync issue you are facing, for troubleshooting purposes, please try the below steps -

  1. I would suggest you disconnect the Wifi-Sync server from the connected devices and set it up by following the steps in the link , or manually by following the steps in this link .

  2. Ensure that you have allowed access to Enpass in your Firewall/Antivirus Settings. Moreover, if you are using any VPN service, try disabling it to check if the issue persists.

  3. Check that time is set to automatic and is same on all your devices.

  4. You can also refer to this highly useful troubleshooting guide in case you get the same error after creating a manual Wifi-sync server.

If the issue persists, kindly share the version of the Enpass app you are using on all your devices along with a screenshot of the error that is occurring. Also, do share any VPN/Antivirus/Firewall software you are using on the laptop 2.


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