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I can't get Enpass started in Firefox

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I am trying to use Enpass, but right now I am not able to get it started with firefox.

The installed extension is attached.

That's it. There is not button in the browser, and there wasn't any prompt to confirm the account.

I also installed it in Chrome, but there everything was fine.


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Hi @MaxKraft

In addition to what @AnakinCaesar suggested, you can also refer to the steps in this link and ensure that you are not missing any crucial steps while installing the browser Extension. Also, I would suggest checking that you have the latest version of browser installed , re-configuring the extension, and reinstalling it from here.

Moreover, the Enpass Extension is available for Desktop devices only. To learn about autofilling in the Android version of the app, please refer to this link.

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I finally found the issue! My Firefox was set to delete all cookies after shutdown, so basically a private mode.

For the Enpass extension the option "Work with private mode" was disabled, so it couldn't work on my browser.

Problem solved, thanks a lot to everyone for the patient help.

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