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Mouse response affected when opening Enpass on MacOS Sonoma 14.0 on M1 iMac


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I have had Enpass for years without problems. I upgraded MacOS to Sonoma 14.0, and at startup of EnPass as wells as unlocking it (both fingerprint and password), my mouse and keyboard start misbehaving (short freezes, jumping, generally unresponsive). I synch through iCloud and it seems directly linked to that: every time it syncs, this behaviour happens and syncing takes way longer than usual. After about 10 sec, behaviour goes back to normal.

I never had this before and it seems specifically to Sonoma/iCloud sync. But the weird thing is that a manual sync through the "sync now" button works fine. No effect of mouse and almost instantaneous. 

Enpass is installed through the App Store and I am on the latest version.

It appears to be a Sonoma specific bug, or is there anything else which can cause this?

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Hi @Ndb

For troubleshooting purposes, try reinstalling the app after creating a manual backup of your data. If the issue persists, please share the below details and I will gladly get this checked for you -

  1. The exact version of the Enpass app you are using.
  2. The total number of Items, Vaults and attachments you have saved in the Enpass app.
  3. A short video showing this behavior would be helpful. You can share the video with us at support@enpass.io and mention this forum.
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