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Debian 12 Firefox - enpassauth:// link not working


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I just installed enpass fresh on my Debian 12 machine and started setting it up using Firefox.

I clicked on Google Drive, it got opened in Firefox and I selected my account etc.

When I clicked on open in the Firefox overlay (to open the enpassauth:// link with the enpass app) nothing happened.

Enpass kept on waiting for me to complete the login and return with permission/access.

I tried this 3 times. Then I gave up, installed Chromium and it worked on the first try.

Please fix the sync setup for Firefox (115.3.0esr) on Debian 12.

Thank you! :)

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If I disconnect my vault and then reconnect again (including authentication etc.) then the enpassauth:// link is opened just fine in Enpass.

But if I create a fresh account on Debian 12 and then want to connect to my vault from a fresh enpass profile, then it get's stuck again like I described here. The link doesn't get opened correctly in Enpass.

If I copy the (enpassauth:// ) URL via the dev console then Enpass recognizes it in my clipboard and that works.

If I drag&drop it into a new Firefox tab (without a clipboard) then it doesn't do anything. (even on reload of that tab)


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