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Biometric sign-in unavailable in Android Enterprise Work Profile?


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Hi Team,

for security reasons, we enforce access to our M365 SharePoint only from compliant devices. On Android, that means the app accessing SharePoint needs to be within the Android Enterprise Work Profile.

However, when Enpass is installed within in the work profile, it doesn't recognize that Biometric sign-in is configured for the device and refuses to enable it. PIN is the only way to enable convenient sign-in.

Is that a bug in Enpass or a "feature" of Android Enterprise work profile? 

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Since Enpass doesn't seem to support Biometrics to sign-in when it's installed in an Android Work Profile, we tried using a PIN instead.

Despite that, Enpass still requires the masterpassword each time we try to sign in to Enpass in Android work profile.

How can we allow convenient and yet secure sign-in to Enpass in Android Work Profiles?

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