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Desktop App very slow


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New user here, and using the latest version  6.9.2(1563).   he desktop app keeps slowing down and its like wading through treacle.

First complaint, is that it won't import ROBOFORM data.   I have exported data to CSV,  no option to export to HTML like in the support pages on Enpass.    Then when trying to import the CSV, Enpass says nothing to import......  I had to download the enpass CSV template and adjust the exported CSV to suit.....   NOT Ideal and time consuming considering you advertise it can import from ROBOFORM. 

Second Complaint, is that the desktop app is terribly slow.  So while I am trying to resort and categories my imported safe notes (66 of them),  its like wading through treacle to edit the entries and tidy them up.    Could this be because I'm using a onedrive stored vault and onedrive is affecting the performance.

I jumped to enpass after running ROBOFORM for almost 10 years, but got sick of the poor Android app and the lack of global search for any data contained in notes.......



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Hi @gabell

We will gladly assist you with all your queries -

Unable to import from Roboform -

Please try the following steps to import the data and let me know if that works:

  1. Open RoboForm.

  2. At the top left corner → Click on RoboForm drop-down options.

  3. Print lists → Login → Enter the data password.

  4. Click on save.

  5. Save the file and import it into Enpass and share your feedback. Follow the same steps for identities and safe notes data.

Desktop app is terribly slow -

Kindly share the below details with me and I'll get this checked for you -

  1. The version of the Enpass app and OS you are using.
  2. The roboform app version you were using.
  3. The total number of Items, attachments and Vaults you have added in the Enpass app.
  4. Any cloud service you are using to synchronize your data.
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Enpass for Windows 6.9.2... using Windows 11.

I have managed to import my Roboform data using the print method.

I have 424 items.

Using Onedrive personal  Desktop version is terribly slow and stalls for several minutes while syncing.  Sometimes have to force close the app and run again for it to update the items.    Once synced,  making any changes or moving around the app that causes a resync forces it to go really slow or freeze.....



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