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On the Linux desktop client (and presumably the windows client), there is "Sync with Folder" option, which appears to be unavailable on Android (tested only on Enpass 5.2.0, Android 6.0.1; CyanogenOS 13.0).

I'd like this feature so that I can use Syncthing to synchronize my Enpass instances. As the Sync to Folder option on the Desktop creates a wallet with a nonstandard filename ("sync default.walletx" - no underscore), one cannot use the default Android folder (hardcoded to "/storage/emulated/0/Enpass_backups/" for some unknown reason), which contains the default wallet in "/storage/emulated/0/Enpass_backups/Enpass/sync_default.walletx" (underscore).

Use case:
Clients A and B are running linux. Client C is running Android. The Default Enpass wallet directory on A and B is set to ~/Enpass/.
Clients A and B have the "Sync to Folder" enabled and set to sync to ~/Enpass/Sync/, which is of course synchronized via Syncthing.
On A and B, Syncthing is configured share ~/Enpass/ with A, B and C.
Client C maps that sync share to /storage/emulated/0/Enpass_Backups/ (as this is where Enpass stores its data, and this path is not adjustable in any way)
Without the "Sync to Folder" option on C, and without the filenames being the same, there appears to be no way to synchronize the files.

Thus, the main desired missing features on Android:

  • Sync to Folder
  • Select default Enpass folder ("To SD card" or whatever is not sufficient)

As the Android app is fairly pricey, I'd expect these features.



Hm, on further thought, it seems "Sync to Folder" doesn't work on Linux at all. In any sense.

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Hi @gammy,

Thanks for the suggestion. We always Love to know what users are looking for in Enpass. I can't say when these changes will be implemented but Folder sync for Android is in our Roadmap.


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