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Sharing Linux to Android


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I downloaded the android version and only need about 10 items from my main Enpass on Linux.

I tried to share from my PC Linux to Android but android doesn't detect the link in the clipboard.

How do I add to the android Enpass from Linux with out doing it manually?


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This error comes up when I copy a link to the clipboard and then go into enpass. The first time it was the share link in the desktop enpass and then to e-mail, I have done this several times to test but the error still comes up, I think this is a bug.

I'm running a OnePlus One with LineageOS 14.1-20180613 Nightly-bacon with Android 7.1.2

But now every time I go into the android enpass I get this error no matter what I do.

"Shared Item that you are trying to add is either invalid or corrupt"

I think the android enpass reads the clipboard no matter what's in it, I think in order to avoid this the clipboard needs to be cleared.

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