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Autofill does not work (Nexus 6P)

Matthias Buesing

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Hi there,


I'm about to switch from Lastpass to Enpass due to security concerns mainly. All looks pretty good but I can't get the autofill functionality to work on my Nexus 6P (Android 6). I enabled all 3 options in the Enpass app and if I enter a app or website Enpass will show the appropriate login when I swipe down and tap on the Enpass icon. But...I can tap on the specific passcard and nothing happens. Autofill works with Lastpass on my device so it has to do someting with Enpass...


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Kind regards,


EDIT: problem solved - I tried it with Facebook (app and website) but the passcard was empty (dunno why though). I filled it in Enpass and now it works. Maybe you can delete this thread? Thanks!

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