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Why can't I use the same Google account to sync multiple Vaults?


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I''m actually very disappointed when I installed the latest beta this morning to find that we still require a separate cloud vendor for each vault.  I fail to see the difficulty in changing the code to do dropbox.vault1 folder or flat file name and dropbox.vault2 folder or flat file (i understand im over simplifying this, but still...).  This kills my hope for creating a vault just for my sons passwords that I keep track of for him.  I am not signing a 9 yr old for a cloud storage account at this time but i also dont want his information in with all of my personal or work details.  

Hoping the devs really take a look at this and see somehow to make this function work. 

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Agreed. This is a mind-numbingly stupid architectural decision.

Why on earth would I want to set up multiple cloud providers just so I can sync multiple vaults?

Most *normal* people have settled on (or only ever been exposed to) one single cloud provider and Enpass *should* support base functionality like multiple vaults based on this premise.

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I saw this in comments on the blog post about multiple vaults:


[can't post link to blog post]

Enpass Team 3 months, 3 weeks ago


Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, with Enpass 6 it won't be possible to share the vaults with the OneDrive sharing functionality.

But we are already working on bringing the Folder sync support in Enpass 6 which will allow you to sync multiple vaults with the same cloud account by giving a specific folder path to each vault.

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