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  1. One thing I love about enpass is that is generates passwords similar to diceware. One thing that i feel that it needs to enhance it would be add a special character slider and to include how many specials you want in your password like there is under the standard password generator . Unfortunately, as most locations still require special characters, uppercase, numbers and standard characters, true diceware style passwords with just five or six words still get tossed back as requiring these other characters. Once people embrace passphrases without the need of special characters, those settings can be tailored by us under those settings by changing settings or turning off the slider all together. Thoughts? Ben
  2. Although I am really looking forward to the new version, I can appreciate not just throwing an application out there just to get it out there. This just reinforces my decision to switch to Enpass! Take your time and release a quality product, unlike some places that just toss out something only to have to pull it back after it does something majorly unexpected and piss a lot of people off. Keep up the great work!!!! Ben
  3. Excellent! I knew I made the right choice of switching over to Enpass! Just makes me want a new version more now Thanks, Ben
  4. Hi there, I am really happy to have come across your password manager software, I have already moved everything over, purchased mobile versions and shut down the paid software i was using. My feature request is based on the use case of having multiple systems at work and at home using single sign-on or AD/LDAP for authentication which equals a lot of accounts with the same username and password. Is there a way to make a primary account (for example, "Active Directory Creds" and assign multiple sites underneath that entry to use the same logon information?) Right now I have App1 - username/password App2 - username/password App3 - username/password App4 - username/password Would like to have something similar to Account Description - Username\password associated to App1 associated to App2 associated to App3 associated to App4 Does this make sense? I really want to clean up everything and not have 20 entries for the same credentials through AD. Thanks, Ben