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Granular password recipe control


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It would be nice to specify what is considered "special characters"

I have an account that I have to change the password ridiculously often.  This password has to be at least 16 characters, and contain upper, lower, numbers and specials.  (Not bad so far)

Except that it does not permit any of the following for a special character ::     '"[]{}()@#$%&/\;
It requires two of the following::  :!-_,.?^*|+=

As you can imagine cycling through random generation until I get lucky can be a PITA.  I can manually strip out unusable character but that's annoying and difficult sometimes depending on the platform. (I'm crazy and have enpass on windows, mac, ubuntu, centos AND android) . I would love to be able to tell EnPass which "special" characters it should avoid using for that password.

It seems like it should be a super easy feature (or if it is already a feature I can't bloody find it!)

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Hi @loadnabox,

Thanks for writing in. 

I would like to share that we have already rolled out the Enpass 6 beta for Windows, Mac, and Android platform and for the other platforms are already in the queue which has a new UI along with most desired features including a new password generator algorithms, which will fulfill your requirement. You can download the beta version for the respective platform from here.



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