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Can't log in after factory reset


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I had to clear out a bug on my Samsung Galaxy s7 by performing a factory reset. 
Enpass reinstalled without issue, but now when I try to log in using the Master Password it is rejected. 

I have confirmed I am using the proper password; it does unlock my Win10 desktop version of Enpass. 

I've gone so far as to uninstall/re-install Enpass on my s7 to no avail. 


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Thanks Anshu, but nothing so far. 

I confirmed the password is correctly entered multiple times. 

The master password not working article gave a clue about the wallet file being in a remote location (for me Google Drive) I tried copying and pasting the entire folder into the root directory of my s7. Nothing. 

I'm not sure where the default location for the wallet file is. 
I read it was "Documents" but I don't seem to have that on my s7.

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