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Of the few icons you suggested Dylan, I'd find two useful, yet I have a whole host of other icons I'd also find useful. Ultimately, no matter how many icons the developers add, there will always be some that are missing. At least for websites, this is not the right approach. It can't ever work well for everyone.

Websites already have their own icons that enpass could access and reuse however. They are called favicons, and they are displayed in front of the URL in pretty much every browser's address bar. That's what enpass should be using. It's a mystery to me that they aren't already using that.

Enpass should really do the following:

  • for websites, enpass should always automatically use the favicon as the default.
  • enpass should include one or two generic icons for each template type, but otherwise provide primarily icons for things that aren't websites (credit cards, bank accounts, etc).
  • instead of trying to provide all the icons which anybody could ever want (and which will never work), allow users to add their own icons.

This would solve the problem once and for all. It also wouldn't require the developers to invest more time in making ever more icons that will never meet everyone's needs. IMHO that is just investing more time into a dead-end solution.



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