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I signed up for the iOS beta and downloaded TestFlight. Will I be getting a code to enter into TestFlight?

So far I only got an email with:

"Dear user,
Thank you for joining Enpass Beta program. As a participant, you'll be notified for beta-builds as soon as they're available
We also suggest you to keep an eye on our Twitter and Enpass Forum announcements.
Best regards
Enpass Team


Nick C







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Hi all,

I'm new to Enpass for about 5 weeks.
Switched over from 1Password - didn't like the politics behind it anymore.
I was looking for a slim, reliable cross-plattfrorm solution with WebDAV sync.
Enpass looks and feels great - especially the beta versions for Windows and Mac OS.

I'm also looking forward to beta for iOS - do you have any ETA for the first beta release for iOS.
I already subscribed to the TestFlight program.

Can't wait anymore :)




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same here. I've registered with my Apple ID a while ago, so far i haven't received a testflight code.

Is there anything i have missed? Maybe, because i've registered to beta program earlier without checking the ios checkbox?

The Apple ID is the same like the eMail i've used here, if that helps..

Thank you very much and kind regards!


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Also new here... Well, I used Enpass Desktop for a work-related vault, but I have been a LONG TIME 1Password user.  I've had it with the changes they have made and the direction they are going, forcing memberships. Then they came out with 1Password7 for Android after a long delay, only to not support Vaults on that platform without buying into the subscription model.  SIGH.

Seeing that the beta of Enpass v6 is out with support for multiple vaults, I immediately bought the Android and iOS licenses.... Then came the realization that they are v5, not v6, and won't sync. Android was easy, being open beta, so that is working.  I signed up for the Beta program and received the confirmation email, but no Testlfight code.

I realize I just did this tonight, but asking here in case it takes any extra work to send them out... Maybe they were only sent to current members when a version was released.

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