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WebDav to Seafile server not working

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I'm trying to sync vaults a Seafile server via webdav. This works fine in Enpass 5, but seems broken in Enpass 6 Beta.

When attempted to sync for the first time, I get error code 908500. This seems to be a problem when it creates the Enpass6-Beta subdirectory.

I can work around this step, by manually creating the Enpass6-Beta directory on the server, in which case the initial sync seems to work (and a file vault.enpassdbsync gets created under Enpass6-Beta).

However, subsequent attempts to sync fail with error code 0.

I have replicated this in both the latest Windows desktop client, and Android client.


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Hey guys,

This issue has been fixed and you will get it in the next update. I would like to have your feedback after the update.

Thanks for your patience.

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