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Password profiles for Enpass

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I have credentials that changes in the Active Directory every 3 months (this is security policy in our company). Also I've many saved in Enpass items with the same login and password combinations. And every 3 months I change the passwords for every item.

I propose next - I want to use a password profiles. For example. I add a new item named as "Password profile" or like this, and add there my login and password. Next, I create new item and add url, phone number, TOTP ect. And I do not add my login and password - I just add the new field named "Password profile" and select from drop-down list my password profile named as "My Active Directory cred.". After save it and add new item.

For this time I have over 70 items saved in Enpass that have different urls, TPOPs, notes, but have the same login and password and I scary  the time when I will need to change it next time by my hands. However, I want change only one password profile and credentials for over than 70 items will be changed automatically.

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