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Support for Macbook Air 2018 TouchID


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As far as I see, the new Macbook Air 2018 touch ID is detected by Enpass 5.6.11 (154), it can be enabled in the settings, but even when enabled, it does not unlock Enpass. Nothing just happens while touching it.

Please tell me I'm not doing anything wrong and you will release an update bringing this support to the Macbook Air ?


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I‘m also very disappointed with Touch ID in Enpass using my new MacBook Air. Is there really no setting to allow Touch ID always – even when computer or app is restarted? 

If there really is a major update necessary for this feature, I think I will return my InApp purchase.

Kind regards

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Looks like this is a general problem of the app on ALL platforms. We have an almost identical thread on this over in the Windows forum that's been going on since January. But that confirms it's not an OS issue - this is either by design or something about the Qt wrapper Enpass uses is blocking this function. Either way - SUPER ANNOYING.

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