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Can you fix the Chinese display please?


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15 hours ago, Vinod Kumar said:

Hi @OldFanta,

It is known problem with CJK characters are not rendered properly with Enpass 6 with non integer scale factors. Please change Enpass interface language from to Settings -> Advanced -> Language -> Chinese and restart Enpass App. It will force Enpass to use correct scale factor.

I have the same problem with Japanese characters, and for what I can see, it is a problem for all non roman writing systems.

This is a big inconvenience for me, for 2 reasons:


1. I use Enpass mainly in English, and now I'm being forced to use some other language (any other language with non-roman characters) to be able to even read many of my entries.

2. This isn't really a solution, because the only thing it does when you change to a non-roman character system is that it stops the scaling, so everything is very small and almost unreadable.


Please, properly fix this.

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