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Windows Desktop is no longer for free!


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16 hours ago, th3Chris said:

read it right.
All previous basic features were and still are free of charge.
Only " Nice to Have " features, which are NEW but not forced on the user for the function, cost extra.
You don't need these things to use the main function of the program.
This is what so many developers do. The main program with all functions is free only " nice to have " festures kosten extra.
Nobody complains about that either.

False. TouchID unlock is not a new feature. It was previously available with the Mac version and is no longer available.

And given that I'm a registered Apple developer I believe I can say with some certainty that since they already put the effort for this into Enpass 5, it wasn't even more work to get it working for Enpass 6. As a matter of fact, they would have had to do more work to remove the feature in their "free" build. Now, the other premium features, which weren't there before, absolutely go monetize those if you want. But any reputable business stays away from charging users money for things they used to get for free. That's just smart business to not alienate customers ( to say nothing of integrity of the business). Now, with the way they've done this, I a previously paying member for the mobile apps (who would have paid upgrade pricing) am now leaving to go to a competitor, and encouraging others to do so. Especially those I previously recommended Enpass to.

Existing chrome extensions that work with the old version of Enpass 5 are not a new feature. 

You don't need a pin to unlock instead and it is also a nice to have feature. It's all about what they feel like they are best able to monetize. This is what executives do.

Again, I understand, it's just business. I just expect better from the companies I do business with. 

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  Not true, they took away the ability to organize passwords into folders, labels do NOT provide the same functionality (also now a premium feature I believe).  Not sure why you feel you need to be the apologist for Enpass. 

  I am also taking my business elsewhere.  The only reason that I put up with the constant error messages I was getting was that I could organize my passwords the way I liked.  Yes, I still get the "EnpassHelper has encountered an unexpected error while connecting with Enpass" about 3-4 times a day.  Re-installed, tried everything, no help from Enpass.  We will fix this in the next release, Yeah right.

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I'm not defendingnpass at all. I also have my problems with the current version.

Nevertheless, the statement of the creator here is not true!
The desktop version for Windows is still FREE. I can do with it everything what is possible.


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