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Stops working when trying to generate a password

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Version: 6.0.0 (197)
OS: Ubuntu 18.10
Issue: Enpass stops working when trying to generate a password.
Steps to reproduce: Open Enpass, click the password generator icon.

Demo at: transfer.sh -slash- AC8KY -slash - enpass-password-fail.movie.mp4

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Similar experience on Mac, as described in my mega-bug-list in the Mac beta 250 thread:




- Enpass bombs whenever I click Password Generator after trying to turn on the options for both including numbers and making the password pronounceable

  • I'm not sure how reproducible this is because I'm no longer able to click Password Generator at all without the app bombing, but here's what happened:
  1. In full-window Enpass, click Password Generator
  2. Turn on switches for all the elements except "pronounceable" (including the option for requiring numbers)
  3. Now turn on "pronounceable"
  4. RESULT: Enpass bombs
  5. Relaunch and unlock full-window Enpass
  6. Click Password Generator (or CMD+G or Tools > Generate Password)
  7. RESULT: Enpass bombs
  8. Steps 5-7 now repeat — impossible to use Password Generator



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