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Enpass does not support the browser Cyberfox


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I use the Cyberfox browser. It use the same source code as the Firefox browser. Firefox applications work properly with Cyberfox
But impossible to operate properly with Enpass.
I have the following errors


    Name : Enpass Password Manager
    Version : 5.3.0


    Certificate IssuedBy : COMODO RSA Code Signing CA
    Certificate IssuedTo : Troy Smith
    Connecting Path : C:\Program Files\Cyberfox\Cyberfox.exe
    Error : Erreur inconnue
    LocalAddress :
    LocalPort : 10391
    Origin : resource://jid1-tpts1z1uvun2fa-at-jetpack
    PeerAddress :
    PeerPort : 51985

Operating System

    Name : Windows 2007


    Type : NoProxy


Access Denied Error 403.png

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