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Enpass does not support the browser Cyberfox

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I use the Cyberfox browser. It use the same source code as the Firefox browser. Firefox applications work properly with Cyberfox
But impossible to operate properly with Enpass.
I have the following errors


    Name : Enpass Password Manager
    Version : 5.3.0


    Certificate IssuedBy : COMODO RSA Code Signing CA
    Certificate IssuedTo : Troy Smith
    Connecting Path : C:\Program Files\Cyberfox\Cyberfox.exe
    Error : Erreur inconnue
    LocalAddress :
    LocalPort : 10391
    Origin : resource://jid1-tpts1z1uvun2fa-at-jetpack
    PeerAddress :
    PeerPort : 51985

Operating System

    Name : Windows 2007


    Type : NoProxy


Access Denied Error 403.png

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Hi @Mandrake

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Currently Enpass doesn't support Cyberfox browser, but you can make Enpass extension work with Cyberfox browser by turning off the Code signature verification in main Enpass App and perform the similar steps as mentioned here.


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