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Nextcloud Webdav sync error on windows and android after upgrade to Enpass 6


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After the upgrade I had to reconfigure my webdav sync (using Nextcloud).
Sadly this resulted in an error on both my windows and android client.

I made sure that Enpass had a clean Nexctloud environment to setup the sync: the old Enpass 5 folder has been moved to a backup location.
I can see that a new Enpass folder gets created, but it stays empty. So at least they seem to be connecting and can create the Enpass directory, but nothing else?

When trying to sync, I get the following message:


Sync Error

Something went wrong while syncing with WebDAV. Error code: 908405

Same error occurs in both the windows store and android play store version.
I did not encounter these issues on Enpass 5, nothing else has changed on my Nextcloud server.

Could anyone shed some light on what the error code means?

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I had the same issue but I think I have an idea what the problem is.  It says you need to reconfigure but some remnant of the old config remains.  I got the error but then selected cancel.  It then displayed an error saying that two accounts can not sync to the same location.  After that, it appears to be synced up.  I think that the settings screen thinks no sync is configured but something, somewhere else in the system thinks it is.

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The suggested workaround by Vinod does not provide a solution.

Any URL must start with a protocol declaration, you cannot leave it out. When I enter the the URL as <<SERVERIP>>/PATH, as suggested by Vinod, I am unable to connect, which makes perfectly sense since the protocol declaration is missing.

When I enter the URL as HTTP://<<SERVERIP>>/PATH login also fails, because this connects to the webserver on port 80. On this port our WebDAV server doesn't listen since it uses SSL.

Without this being fixed for me Enpass basically is useless.

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