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Google drive time stamp not updated ...


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On 12/29/2018 at 4:34 AM, Vinod Kumar said:

"Enpass/sync_default.walletx" is no longer used by Enpass 6. Now Enpass data resides inside its own app folder in Google Drive (which unfortunately you can't browse).

Vinod, thanks for this clarification.  This explains the issue I'm having.  Currently, I'm using Google Drive to sync my vault between all my screens and it's working great with the migration to 6.0.

In 5.x, I was using the old Google Drive model and had it shared to my wife so that she could merge her changes to the same vault.  It functioned really well, I never had any data collisions.   But now, the new 6.0 vault model has sort of "orphaned" her vault from mine.

Is there a new way to share vaults between two different Google users?

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