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Sync error : 909997


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Today is THE day : upgrading Enpass to 6.0.0 on all my devices (Linux, Android, Windows)

Went fine on Linux & Android : after installation, the first launch of Enpass 6.0.0 detected existing vault, and went through an "upgrade" of the local database, telling me once successfully completed, that all parameters had been reset. I simply re-configure Enpass, including webdav synchronization on Owncloud, and all went fine (successfully testing some modifications within the vault : sync OK).

Doing the same on Windows, first showed a different behavior : Enpass 5 detected the need to upgrade and proposed to download, but then, I had to manually launch the install program freshly downloaded. Once installed, my first run of Enpass 6.0 didn't detect any existing vault (strange compared to Linux and Android behavior). I simply went through a vanilla install, setting up Owncloud sync through webdav, and my new vault was re-created locally (downloaded from the Cloud to local Windows drive).

But after my first passwords modifications locally on Windows, when I tried to sync, I get the following message (translated from FR) : "error during sync with Webdav. Error code : 909997"

Anybody faced the same ?


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Hi @Vinod Kumar

Turned off sync + reconfigure : initial sync worked fine.

I made a small modification locally (add a tag on an entry) and forced sync (Ctrl-J) : error.

Message = error while synchronizing on the Cloud. Error code = 908500

(not the same one as previously !)


So, I removed it again, and reconfigure...

During initial (new) sync, error 908035


So, I removed it again, and reconfigure...

Initial (new) sync : OK

Small modification + forced sync : error from time to time #904035

Forced sync again : OK

Forced sync again : OK


Strange, isn't it ?

Any advice ?





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Hi MisterT,

I encounter the same issue and same error code 909997.

My version is 6.0.6 (323) on a W10 1809 build 17763.379 and sync towards a Nextcloud WebDav.

If I remove and re-configure the sync, only the initial sync is running, nothing after.

I have no issues syncing from Linux and Android towards this WebDav.

As it only happens on the W10 machine, I guess there is something with Enpass on W10, as all my other devices work like a charm.

Did you managed to solve the issue on your end?


Thanks, Steve


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Well, everything went back to normal after several days/weeks.

From time to time, I keep on receiving sync alert, but they auto-correct in a short while.

What did I do ?

Nothing... well, as far as you can consider that installing multiple patches on Windows is nothing, upgrading Enpass is nothing, and so on...

Many things have changed, but I cannot identify which ones may explain the self healing...


P.S.: I'm running Windows 7 so far (+ Linux Ubuntu + Android...). Not Windows 10. Don't know if this has anything to do with the issue ?

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