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  1. MisterT

    Sync error : 909997

    Hi @Vinod Kumar Turned off sync + reconfigure : initial sync worked fine. I made a small modification locally (add a tag on an entry) and forced sync (Ctrl-J) : error. Message = error while synchronizing on the Cloud. Error code = 908500 (not the same one as previously !) So, I removed it again, and reconfigure... During initial (new) sync, error 908035 So, I removed it again, and reconfigure... Initial (new) sync : OK Small modification + forced sync : error from time to time #904035 Forced sync again : OK Forced sync again : OK Strange, isn't it ? Any advice ? Thanks,
  2. Hi, After several upgrades to version 6 on multiple devices (Linux, Windows, Android,...), I faced an issue on a smartphone Wiko, running Android 4.4.2 (no OS upgrade available) Enpass (paid version) has been working until latest upgrades 5.x, but version 6.0 does not want to get installed. Problem : on other devices, migration to Enpass version 6 has been successful and forced (especially within browsers, such as firefox). As version 5 and version 6 safes are not the same, how can I manage this dilemma (I want to access my same vault everywhere) ? Is there an Enpass version 6 for Android KitKat ?
  3. MisterT

    Sync error : 909997

    Today is THE day : upgrading Enpass to 6.0.0 on all my devices (Linux, Android, Windows) Went fine on Linux & Android : after installation, the first launch of Enpass 6.0.0 detected existing vault, and went through an "upgrade" of the local database, telling me once successfully completed, that all parameters had been reset. I simply re-configure Enpass, including webdav synchronization on Owncloud, and all went fine (successfully testing some modifications within the vault : sync OK). Doing the same on Windows, first showed a different behavior : Enpass 5 detected the need to upgrade and proposed to download, but then, I had to manually launch the install program freshly downloaded. Once installed, my first run of Enpass 6.0 didn't detect any existing vault (strange compared to Linux and Android behavior). I simply went through a vanilla install, setting up Owncloud sync through webdav, and my new vault was re-created locally (downloaded from the Cloud to local Windows drive). But after my first passwords modifications locally on Windows, when I tried to sync, I get the following message (translated from FR) : "error during sync with Webdav. Error code : 909997" Anybody faced the same ? Thanks,
  4. Hi, Same request here : in order to share common passwords within our family, I thought I could use my Owncloud/Nextcloud repository mechanism: 1- store primary vaults of each family member in its own personal Cloud space (personal login/password to access the Cloud) => this works fine. That's the "sync" normal feature using webdav 2- create a secondary vault to each member, stored in a directory shared (= Cloud notion/permissions) to each family member => here, we should be able to use the same Cloud service (webdav), with the same (personal) Cloud login/password, but specifying a different directory to use (the one that is shared). As Enpass would connect through webdav, using Cloud credentials, I don't see any issue/risk there... (when I'm browsing with my Cloud credentials, using web browser, or using Owncloud application, I can only R/W folders that I'm supposed to be able to Read or Write... : the server only present me directories that I own, or ones that are shared to me legitimately, nothing else...). What is wrong there ? Thanks,
  5. Indeed, it works perfectly ! Thanks to Enpass team for this wonderful tool...
  6. any news on that one ? Just switched to FF 57, and I'm already missing my favorite extension... Thanks
  7. I was contacted by support. => suggestion : re-install Firefox And it works... Strange, but good to know !
  8. Plug-in fails since last FF upgrade (55.0.2) Just upgraded Firefox yesterday to 55.0.2 on Windows. Enpass plugin no longer works since then. Symptom : when clicking on the Enpass button, a brief window is opening in Firefox (disappearing quickly), reporting a "Access Denied! Error 403" message (see attached snapshot). Any idea how to recover the Enpass plugin ? Thanks
  9. MisterT

    Enpass 5.2: High CPU usage since last update

    OK. No problem to wait for your final correction. I saw your discussion with @Tadly above, and I thought the QT bug was not at the origin of the issue. I understand now that it is the root cause, and that you are working on finding a complete solution. Thanks for that and keep the good work !
  10. MisterT

    Enpass 5.2: High CPU usage since last update

    Hi Same issue here since yesterday morning : very high CPU usage (+ flood of "QIODevice::read (QDisabledNetworkReply): device not open" messages when launched in a terminal) Running Enpass version, and syncing with my own OwnCloud via webdev. Laptop installed with a Linux Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS, with kernel No problem on Windows, nor Android... Workaround I found : stop Enpass (via menu>>Quit, from the top bar icon), then relaunch manually. Works fine for a while, but starts over within a variable time range (10min -> 10h) Please keep us informed of your investigations (here, if possible)... Thanks !