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  1. I also support the idea of OpenSourcing the code (security, confidence, reliability,...) Enpass is providing a valuable support, new features and bug correction that require regular updates. As mentioned above by @Sam van der Kris, I'm pretty sure business model will continue, even in Opensource mode. People are ready to pay for a service (package, support,...), even if source code is available. Of course, not at any price ! But as long as this price is reasonable, OpenSource model will allow that. Thanks again for this excellent product !
  2. I received email reply from support yesterday (24h after the issue on my side). They advised to update Enpass again from the AppStore. It worked perfectly ! Conclusion : it is not possible to roll out perfect software / bug free... So when you have such a support available, I'm very satisfied. If someone asks me : "does Enpass is a 'value for money' buying ?", my answer will be : "For sure ! Both on the technical content / features side, as well as on the support side". Good job guys ! Thanks
  3. I've spend some time investigating further. This error code is linked to Webdav 423 HTTP error : the file is locked and webdav cannot proceed. So I turned to my Owncloud server (the Webdav server hosting my vaults), and, despite many attempts to reboot, modify/copy-paste files, reconfigure cache, fsck file system,... I could not succeed in removing the file lock (confirmed in owncloud.log file) => I simply gave up and placed my vault in another location on the server (and reconfigured Enpass "main vault" sync URL on each and every device where I use Enpass). Now it works
  4. Hi, I just upgraded my Windows 7 version of Enpass desktop to latest proposed upgrade => 6.1.1 (451) Since then, it cannot sync my main vault on Webdav any longer. I get error code :908423 Note : I have a secondary safe, also synced via Webdav, but using a slightly different URL, and this one works fine ! What happened ? What should I do to get my main vault sync back ? Thanks, Note : sync on main vault was working perfectly just before the upgrade
  5. Hi, Well, everything went back to normal after several days/weeks. From time to time, I keep on receiving sync alert, but they auto-correct in a short while. What did I do ? Nothing... well, as far as you can consider that installing multiple patches on Windows is nothing, upgrading Enpass is nothing, and so on... Many things have changed, but I cannot identify which ones may explain the self healing... P.S.: I'm running Windows 7 so far (+ Linux Ubuntu + Android...). Not Windows 10. Don't know if this has anything to do with the issue ?
  6. Thanks to another discussion on this forum, I could solve my issue... Not that Enpass corrected the problem, but there is a much simpler way of defining the URL, using WEBDAV instead of DAV. Difference is that WEBDAV does not require you to enter your username in the URL (so, my "white space" issue is no longer a problem)... It connects with your credentials, and its home directory is your Cloud home directory. So the syntax to use for the synchro URL is : https://<myowncloudserver>/remote.php/webdav/<directory>/ So now, this is solved for me ! (t
  7. Hi there, First : yes, Nextcloud is my next move :-) Then, to answer your second question ("why are you making it so complicated ?")... simply because I didn't know that we could do it this way :-) I mean : using this URL, with webdav syntax (and not "dav" only) Thanks to your feedback, I modified my config and it works ! And it works both on 6.0.0 and 6.0.3 => you saved my issue... Thanks !
  8. No doubt I understand that. But could we imagine an Enpass version that runs on "older" Android versions, and that can use the same vaults as Enpass v6 ? Changing Vaults format created a breach in compatibility... :-( Fine if additional features do not work on this "legacy version", but we need to maintain compatibility between all devices... Can you work on that ? Thanks
  9. Good news ! You can share multiple vaults using the same Cloud (at least OwnCloud/NextCloud). This is possible through Webdav file access. The solution is the following : when adding a new Vault in Enpass, using webdav synchronization, define the URL as such: https://<myowncloudserver>/remote.php/dav/files/<username>/<directory>/ Where: myowncloudserver is your owncloud/nextcloud server, with any additional sub-path needed username is your owncloud/nextcloud username (with appropriate coding, such as "%20" replacing spaces if any) - Note : th
  10. Additional info : On Linux version 6.0.0, it works fine Enpass Linux version : 6.0.0 --> OK Note that I had to replace the space in the URL with %20: https://myowncloudserver/remote.php/dav/files/John%20Doe/Vaults/ This works on 6.0.0. It does not work on 6.0.3 (the owncloud logs show : ... John%25%2520Doe...)
  11. Hi, Trying to setup an alternate vault on my Linux Enpass, using a local OwnCloud server, I'm currently facing an issue due to space encoding in URL. my URL is : https://myowncloudserver/ my username is : John Doe (yes, with a "space" between both words) Directory where I store my vaults is : Vaults So I configured the following URL for the vault in my Linux Enpass : https://myowncloudserver/remote.php/dav/files/John Doe/Vaults/ ... failed ! I looked at the logs on my owncloud server: - - [26/Jan/2019:10:48:19 +0100] "PR
  12. Hi @Vinod Kumar Turned off sync + reconfigure : initial sync worked fine. I made a small modification locally (add a tag on an entry) and forced sync (Ctrl-J) : error. Message = error while synchronizing on the Cloud. Error code = 908500 (not the same one as previously !) So, I removed it again, and reconfigure... During initial (new) sync, error 908035 So, I removed it again, and reconfigure... Initial (new) sync : OK Small modification + forced sync : error from time to time #904035 Forced sync again : OK Forced sync again
  13. Hi, After several upgrades to version 6 on multiple devices (Linux, Windows, Android,...), I faced an issue on a smartphone Wiko, running Android 4.4.2 (no OS upgrade available) Enpass (paid version) has been working until latest upgrades 5.x, but version 6.0 does not want to get installed. Problem : on other devices, migration to Enpass version 6 has been successful and forced (especially within browsers, such as firefox). As version 5 and version 6 safes are not the same, how can I manage this dilemma (I want to access my same vault everywhere) ? Is there an Enpass v
  14. Today is THE day : upgrading Enpass to 6.0.0 on all my devices (Linux, Android, Windows) Went fine on Linux & Android : after installation, the first launch of Enpass 6.0.0 detected existing vault, and went through an "upgrade" of the local database, telling me once successfully completed, that all parameters had been reset. I simply re-configure Enpass, including webdav synchronization on Owncloud, and all went fine (successfully testing some modifications within the vault : sync OK). Doing the same on Windows, first showed a different behavior : Enpass 5 detected the need to up
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