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Hello Enpass Team,

why did you remove the internal browser!? Now i must switch between the Enpass App and Safari in order to copy other passwords.

and also with auto fill password i still need to enter my master password or pin altrough the enpass app is already open...that makes my workflow more complicated! Please reenable the internal webbrowser again!

Greets and thanks.

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Hi guys,

You do not need to switch to autofill. Enpass does this for you using Enpass extension and Password autofill of iOS.

We have deliberately removed the build it browser on mobiles because of the possible internal issues related to Webkit. Now since the iOS itself support the Autofilling in Apps and browsers, there is less need for Enpass browser. Makes sense?

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yeah, sure i know that way. but like Tech_Nick already mentioned, i must authenticate myself for every website again and again. even if i setup to autolock in enpass for 5minutes...that was easier in enpass5 because i can go to every website in the app.

anyway, i understand your decision to remove the internal browser but i don't like the new way...

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