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Create a new password in safari

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Dear Developer team,

thank you for the work and the nice update. 

With the new version however I cannot create a password directly from safari anymore. In the past when I clicked on the share button (in the address row where also airdrop can be shared) and opened Enpass this way, it was possible to directly create a new password for the homepage I’m in. It was even so intelligent to copy the whole already entered user and password. Now when I click the same button from safari it only opens the „search for your password“ toolbox. I hope that you will implement the password creation feature again in. Later version again?

br tomas

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Hey Hemant,

when will this version be released? I think this a very important feature to have.

I would also like to have the ability of storing the just entered data to Enpass what is not possible right now ... or am I missing something?

Thank you and 
best regards


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