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[Solved] How does TOTP work in Enpass?

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How can I use TOTP (2FA) within Enpass?
Is there somewhere a tutorial available?
Thank you!

Best regards


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Since you've figured out how to use TOTP in Enpass, would you mind sharing your solution? Enpass sometimes copies the 2FA code that I can then paste in, but at other times it doesn't. I'd like to avoid having to open my messages every time I need a code. 

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I did not know how to add the 2FA codes but found out that you have to scan the code with the mobile app.
And when you log into a website then Enpass fills the username and the password and copies the 2FA code into the clipboard.
But I assume you know this already (because it seems to work sometimes).

Maybe you have set the time until the clipboard is deleted to short?
Go to Settings -> Security -> Clipboard.
I have set here 15 seconds, maybe your setting is too short?

Does this help?

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On 1/18/2019 at 2:52 PM, OLLI_S said:

Meantime I figured it out how this works.

But sad that nobody replied here (not even the Enpass team).

Even though you already figured out how 2FA works, I'd like to give another hint: you don't need mandatory a mobile app to scan the QR code, you can just insert the appropriate secret key (which is usually listed as an alternative to QR code) into a field that is configured to be a TOTP field and that's it.

Though I personally prefer to scan those QR codes as in the most cases they contain a lot of other informations like the website, your username, the time period for switching the codes or the number of digits used and the secret key code of course. 

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