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Enpass 6 cannot restore backups from the cloud


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Due to the new mobile version of Enpass 6 on 31.12.18 you could at least open the program on the iPhone without breaking the app.
But if you want to save a backup from a WebDAV server back with this version, after you deleted the data on the phone, no backup from the cloud will be recognized !!!!
The path is recognized by the app but you get the message that no data has been found in the directory!
If you download the backup from the WebDAV server to the PC and download it via iTunes to the iPhone, you cannot import the backup via the local data because the PW is not recognized !!!!!
If one has also still secured different safes, one must (how stupidly this has been programmed!!!!) each individual first on the iPhone anew create and can only then try to restore the rest of the data over the backup.
This does not succeed however, because the backup data on the WeDAV are not recognized!!!

Your shitty version 6 only pisses me off as a paying customer!

If I create different safes on the phone or the PC, then the backup file has to contain all settings and safes. I create a global backup !!

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Hi @th3Chris,

Sorry for the trouble.

Enpass 6 per-assumes that a user's data will be upgraded in place and subsequent sync will make Enpass 6 data available on cloud. As we have moved to app folders on various clouds, we can't access Enpass 5 data files due to limited scope and access.

Now that so many user's are starting a fresh with Enpass 5 data skipping upgrading/sync path. We are fixing it in next update by restoring v5 data wherever we can (Dropbox, WebDAV) and clearly advising how to do that where we can't(Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud).

For now you can follow this FAQ to restore your v5 data.



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no no ! this is not a backup from Enpass 5.
This is a backup of Enpass 6 which cannot be imported into Enpass 6 via a WebDaV update.

I also miss the option to create a complete backup of all safes via WebDAV (as it is also possible for lokaö) so that you can import this backup to another system (second smartphone or tablet).

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