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My Mac desktop enpass is not synching with my Android enpass (& vice versa)


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It used to synch and now it isnt and I don't know what to do about it. As I certainly don't want to remember what new things I updated and then do it all again laboriously on one of either applications.

I use a Mac OS High Sierra, Version 10.13.6 desktop computer,

also an Android (Blackberry) phone (no slagging off on my choice of phone by the way...I am very happy :) )


The Mac isn't synching to the phone. Just did a test check and the phone isn't synching to computer enpass either. 


Please advise thank you!!


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I don't know what/where I go to set up sync, but the auto backups are via Google Drive.

Enpass on Mac is 6.0.2 (292)

Enpass on my Android is:

Also have it on my Android tablet and it's version 6.0.2


My tablet and phone show 290 items and my Mac shows 294 items.

I just went onto Playstore and saw that I needed to do an update and did that...and now my phone version is 6.0.2 but still it shows (after synch) 290 items. I synched now on my Mac and it made no difference to my phone or tablet.


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