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on top of request for Identity / form filling in the browser extension (and waiting impatiently for Enpass to support Edge extensions coming), I would like to know if there is any plan to be able to have the website icon of an URL instead of the limited preselected icon offered ?

It would be great if :

- we could choose the icon of our choice

- the browser extension would automatically store the website icon if available.

Thanks for great GREAT work on the product.

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Thanks for your suggestions. These are among the most demanding features from our users and in our pipeline for development. Identity filling has already been implemented whereas we are near to start working on custom and rich icons. After some of the coming major updates, we will start working on it and will deliver really fast.


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we will start working on it and will deliver really fast


Any news about this request, 1 year old now? I have seen multiple similar requests, and your answer (really fast) made me believe the feature would come really soon.



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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @brosenz

Thanks for your patience. The feature for automatically downloading the favicon from website URL has already been implemented in the development tree of the next major update but at this moment I can't assure you final ETA.


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I just started looking for alternatives to Enpass. I see a lot of comments about new developments in progress and "implemented", but it takes forever to arrive. That "major release" was announced about one year ago and there is not even a Beta version yet.

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