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[Forwarded] Improvements for the Password Generator

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I have some improvements for the Password Generator in Enpass.

Include Symbols
Currently you allow to Exclude certain symbols in the password generator.
It would be very helpful when I could include certain symbols (like the _ or the #) because some websites don't accept all symbols.
When users include symbols then only those symbols should be used.

Allow to adjust generated passwords
When I generate a password please allow me to adjust it (in the green heading where I see the generated password).
This way I can remove a single character from the password and replace it with an other character.
But I also can enter a password and check how secure it is.
I have some "special" colleagues and family members that use unsafe passwords and this way I can convince them that they should use Enpass.
Best regards



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Hello @Vikram Dabas,

I changed the password for a website and let Enpass generate the new password for me.
The new password is 20 characters long contained many special characters like (+~:{

Later on I wanted to log into the App of this website.
But here the login failed.
After I changed the password again and added only the _ as special character, the login worked also on the app.

So I would like to include only those special characters, that are working,

Best regards


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Currently, the password generator in Enpass allows you to Exclude the symbols from the generated password explicitly.  We are improving it further and soon will add another option to Include only specific symbols in the non-pronounceable passwords.

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