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Show Enpass Assistant icon in Login Fields


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when I open an URL and want to log in, I have to click on the Enpass toolbar icon in the browser.
This means long ways for the mouse pointer and also long ways for the eyes.

It would be useful when you display a small overlay icon in the login fields.
When I click the icon, the Enpass Assistant is shown.
I know that there is a hot key to open the Assistant, but you should also offer such an icon.

The browser-extension Kee for KeePass shows such an icon:



Please offer also such an icon for Enpass.
This increases the usability.

Best regards


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I intensively tested the login with KeePass + Kee in comparison to Enpass.

To have an icon in the login-fields is more user-friendly.
The login fields are normally on the center of websites, so the fields (and the icon) are in the center of users attention.
No long mouse moves required (reaching the Enpass icon requires longer mouse movements than KeePass).

Reaching the Enpass toolbar icon also interrupts the flow of logging in (it is disturbing the flow).
Kee and KeePass are directly integrated into the flow.

I am searching for a better way to log me in.
Like such an icon in the login fields.

Best would be a faster way that requires less mouse clicks.
At login pages automatically show the Enpass assistant window (the window that is shown when you click the toolbar icon in the browser and where you see all logins for the current URL) close to the login fields.
So I just need one mouse click to log me in (no key-press or additional mouse click).
Currently I need a click on the Enpass Browser Extension and then a double-click on the entry in the Enpass Browser Extension.

@Vikram Dabas would you please forward this feature to the developers?
I always try to increase the usability of applications.
Thank you my friend!

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I know that the Enpass Icon is available in the Context Menü, but this requires multiple mouse clicks:

  1. Click on "Existing User? Sign In"
  2. Right-Click in the field "Username"
  3. Click on the entry "Enpass" in the context menu -> the Enpass Assistant window opens
  4. Double Click on the target entry in the Enpass Assistant window

With the icon in the login fields there are less actions required:

  1. Click on "Existing User? Sign In" -> The login fields are automatically filled

Even when you have multiple passwords for an entry logging in via the Context Menü is much faster:

  1. Click on "Existing User? Sign In"
  2. Click on the icon in the login field -> all entries for the URL are shown in a popup menu
  3. Select the proper entry

So this are less mouse clicks.

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