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Hold Generated Passwords in a temporary store until save

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I have Enpass set to clear the clipboard every 30s (default).

When updating the password for a site I sometimes encounter a situation in which the generated password is not accepted.  Reasons could be that certain characters are not acceptable or there is a password length mismatch.

Can Enpass retain the original password until the user confirms that the old password has been replaced.

This function can also be useful to retain a password history function.

Hope this helps

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Hey @chribonn,

Thanks for writing in.

I would like to let you know that when you generate password through Enpass password generator (Either from App or Enpass browser extension), it keeps a record of the password that you used, along with their respective timestamps. For more details please refer our user manual.

Hope this helps!

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I confirm that:

1. You can follow the history of generated passwords as described in the link you provided

2. If you have a data card open in the client (not the web extension popup) and you right click on a password property you can see the password history of that field.

Thank you @Anshu kumar.

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