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Autofill not working on z-index overlays/popups

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I'm not sure this is correct but there are sometimes in-page-popups that are positioned by z-index in the css. So we click "login" and something like a popup, except it's not a separate page, it's more of an overlay. When trying to fill in forms/passwords on these types of situations, enpass tries to fill in something in the background but not on the actual "popup" if that makes sense. Is this possible to fix? I use synologys photo station for my pictures and this is one example where it does not work. I can right click in the username field and choose the password in enpass but nothing happens because enpass doesn't know where the form is I believe..

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 17.51.44.png

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9 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

Hey @david 

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

I have noted down this website and notified the dev team to look into it. Till then please co-operate with us.

np, I'm just asking if it's possible to fix, it's not a life or death situation =) It would just make enpass, which is already great, even better!

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